Privacy notice

Privacy notice and licensing

I am just as concerned about privacy, security and free software as you. Because of my philosophy, this website does not use a single line of JavaScript as I believe it is unnecessary for 90% of what a website needs to do for the average person! This also means, the website is free/libre (as in freedom) by design, and therefore also LibreJS compliant. It should be noted that I do use PHP server-side in order to make maintaining this site easier.

Do however note that does use JavaScript. There is just no way around this.

However my entire website, including HTML. CSS, and PHP is available for free and distributed to you under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. All contributions to the site are licensed under the same license. Nonfree contributions of any kind are not accepted.

This site is running on my Debian GNU/Linux VPS on the Apache 2 web server, along with the other services I run, such as,, among others.