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Hello there! I'm Jacob, also known as speedie. I'm a software developer from Sweden. I'm interested in programming, politics, society, free software, Linux and more. I write code in mainly C and C++, and I also have some experience with HTML, CSS, PHP and Bash. I'm also a Linux user, and I primarily use Gentoo Linux, with experience in several other distributions as well.

I have a blog where I write about various topics, including programming, politics, and more. To learn more about me, check out my projects or my politics page.


docpp, a C++11 library for generating XML, HTML and CSS.

spmenu, a fancy dynamic menu written in C and C++

biner, a simple utility for splitting and merging files written in C++

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@speedie1337 on Discord

@speedie:matrix.org on Matrix

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If you need to send me a secure email, you can use my GPG key. (CEB863B830D1318A)


YouTube (Geometry Dash)

YouTube (Forwarder Factory)

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