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Anything very important will be posted on the regular blog.

Vaxry did nothing wrong, written 2024-04-09

Announcing the end of the Matrix space, written 2024-04-02

The achievement matters, not the achiever, written 2024-03-19

My dream terminal emulator, written 2024-03-14

Why Reddit is garbage by design, written 2024-03-05

Mega Hack is cheating, written 2024-02-11

How to actually learn, written 2024-01-22

Kinda important blog post, written 2024-01-05

Do not use Thorium., written 2023-12-14

I am fucking back., written 2023-11-24

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Rant: Why suckless sucks, written 2023-10-16

I used Windows for a week., written 2023-09-24

Is Gentoo a waste of time?, written 2023-09-11

Rant: Why is UEFI still so bad?, written 2023-08-29

Shell script tricks - Get better at shell scripting, written 2023-07-16

Use the XDG Base Directory specification, written 2023-07-04