I'm generally a conservative, nationalist and capitalist. Freedom of speech is among the most important values to me. As a European, I am not in favor of the European Union, and I believe that each EU member state should be more independent and have more control, through politicians exclusively elected by the people of each country.

I live in Sweden, and sympathize mostly with the Sweden Democrats political party.


Tradition is also very important to me, and I believe that it should be preserved, protected and respected by visitors, immigrants and our own citizens. I strongly oppose the idea of multiculturalism in European countries, and I believe it's the biggest threat to our countries' identity.


People's right to believe in any religion should be respected by the state, and (politely) by other people. The state should not have any religion, and should not favor any religion over another. However, the country's traditions should be preserved, even if they are religious in nature.

While you have a right to believe in a religion, you should not be able to force your religion on others, and you should not necessarily have a right to practice your religion in public. Religious symbols that conflict with the country's generally accepted traditions and values should not be allowed in public places, such as schools, where they may influence children and other people.

You should also not necessarily have a right to build a religious building, such as a mosque, in a country where that religion is not the majority, or where it is not generally accepted. This significantly affects the image of that country.

Religious symbols that remind people of a certain religion, in a way that conflicts with the country's traditions and values, should not be allowed in public places. The hijab, for example, is a religious symbol that conflicts with the country's traditions and values, and should not be allowed in certain public places. This is because it promotes the honor culture, which should not be accepted.

Immigration, borders and integration

We need stronger borders, to prevent illegal immigration. We need to be able to control who comes in and out of our countries, we need to have control over our own countries, and we need to have control over the customs, to prevent the spread of illegal drugs, weapons and such. This can all be achieved if we aim to be more independent.

Immigrants should be able to come to our countries, in some cases, but there should be very strict requirements, including leaving their own culture behind, adopting our culture, learning our language, and being able to support themselves financially, without relying on the state and the tax payers. Every immigrant who doesn't meet those requirements should be deported back to their own country, no questions asked. Citizenship should be granted only to those who meet all of these requirements, and have a good knowledge of our culture and language.

Immigrants should not be able to live in their own communities, they should be integrated into the society. This, in order to prevent the formation of parallel societies (slums), which are a threat to the country's identity and security.

Public service

Public service media should be preserved, but it should only provide news and important information to the citizens, without any political bias. Any lesser important information (such as entertainment) should be provided by private companies, not by the state, to save tax payers money. You have to pay for the device that you use to consume the media, so you should have to pay for the media itself, too, unless it's important information that everyone should be able to access.


European countries should have their own currencies, and not rely on some foreign currency, such as the Euro. This is just one step in making the countries more independent.

I am a capitalist, and I believe that the free market should be preserved, but it shouldn't be entirely without regulations. The governments should not have too much control however, that's too far into socialism, which I am not at all in favor of.

It is important that cash is available, to avoid dependency on technology and credit cards.

Freedom of speech

Freedom of speech is among the most important values to me. I believe that everyone should be able to say what they want, without any fear of persection. That includes even the most controversial opinion and hate speech. I see those as a necessary evil, because if you start banning some opinions, you will eventually ban all of them, which is a slippery slope to totalitarianism.

It might not make you very happy to see people praising Hitler in public, but it's better to let them do that, than to ban them from doing so, which would be a violation of their freedom of speech.

When it incites violence, the violence is the crime, but the speech is not.

European Union

I am not in favor of the European Union, and I believe that each EU member state should be more independent and have more control, through politicians exclusively elected by the people of each country. The EU is a bureaucratic mess that seeks to slowly funnel money and power to Brussels, and for that reason it should be abolished, or at least reformed. I wrote about this in more detail, here.


A strong military is also important. European nations should not depend on the United States for their security, they should be able to stand on their own legs. The military should be well-funded, because as of now, very little money is spent on it, which leads to a disaster in case of a war, especially if the war is started by the United States themselves, or if the United States does not want to help.


While the environment crisis is real, people's ability to live their lives, for a reasonable price, should not be hindered by it in any way. People should have access to cheap energy, because it's a necessity for a modern life, especially in the winter. And, for those who do not live in the middle of Stockholm, it's also a necessity for transportation, people need to drive, whether they like it or not, and that includes paying for the fuel.

My American views

Contrary to popular views in Europe, I am also in favor of the right to bear arms (with some restrictions, for some people). I believe that, if executed properly, it can greatly strengthen the security of a country and its own citizens. It can make less well-built people more capable of defending themselves. It also helps to balance out the power between the government and the people at large, which is important in a crisis.

I also believe that the death penalty should be reintroduced in Europe, for the most serious crimes. If you take a life, you should always be prepared to lose your own. I believe that if the death penalty is reintroduced, it would make space in prisons for more serious criminals, save tax payers money, act as a deterrent and make citizens feel safer.