Announcing the end of the Matrix space


Hope you guys enjoyed the April Fools' website update yesterday. But, I deliberately waited a day so that this blog post wouldn't come across as a joke or anything, because it's completely serious.

In short, I am killing off the Matrix space, and I will no longer be part of it. I will not be deleting the space, because I'm unable to do so, but you should from now on consider it abandoned. If anyone in the space tries to impersonate me, just know I am no longer part of the space and you should not trust them.

The rationale for this is that the space simply did not see much use, though there are other reasons for this as well. I don't see any real reason to keep it around anymore. The space was introduced as a way for me to communicate with my readers, due to the domain issues I had last year. Now that I don't have any such issues anymore, I think it's time for the (at the time) temporary space to go.

Note that this does not mean I am leaving Matrix, I am still available on Matrix. I'm just closing down the Matrix space. If there's more demand for a Matrix space, or other form of communication in the future, I could always set something up.

Just to clarify, from now on i will not have any public Matrix/Discord spaces/rooms/servers/channels.

Thank you to all members of the room. If you want to reach me, my contact information is on my website. Sorry for this relatively pointless blog post, I'll be back with some cool stuff soon!



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jacob on 2024/04/02:

Update: Have revoked any invites and removed all users I was able to.

EverythingeeB on 2024/04/02:

RIP Speedie's Matrix room. You will be missed. 🫡🥲😰😥😭😱

jacob on 2024/04/02:

>>@EverythingeeB Meh, I didn't expect it to last this long anyway. Sure, I could've kept it alive for longer, but I don't see the point.