About me

About me

My internet name is speedie. I'm a Swedish guy into free software, software minimalism, privacy and software development, among other things. I'm a hobby software developer and I like hacking on things. I primarily write programs in C, C++, POSIX shell and PHP. You can find a list of my software projects here.

I also write blog posts occasionally about things that interest me, where I share my thoughts unfiltered. Often they are technology and software related, but sometimes about other things as well. I'm also a big fan of people having their own personal websites, instead of relying on social media sites for their online presence.

I support preservation of digital and physical media, and I've worked on and started several preservation projects, such as hbc-archive and wii, preserving Nintendo Wii media.

I own several YouTube channels, such as my main channels as well as the Forwarder Factory and Forwarder Extras channels which are dedicated to Wii content and preservation.

I have played Geometry Dash since October 2013, but I lost interest from years of no updates so I don't play it much. I'm also into music, mostly rock and metal. All the music I listen to is stored locally, and almost all of it is lossless. My favorite band is Linkin Park.