About me

I'm Jacob, but more commonly known as speedie on the internet. I'm from Sweden, and I like software programming and learning about technology, among other things. I write blog posts occasionally about things that interest me, where I share my thoughts unfiltered. Often they are technology and software related, but sometimes about other things as well.


I write programs to achieve goals that I have. Notable projects are libleet, stellar, spmenu, curload and others. I also have several preservation projects, such as the wii project which aims to preserve Nintendo Wii homebrew software, and the hbc-archive which aims to preserve Homebrew Channel related media/software.


I love music. I run a Navidrome server which has my music collection in lossless quality (for the most part). In general, Metal (along with subgenres are probably my favorite genres). If I know you, feel free to ask for Navidrome access. My favorite band is Linkin Park.


If you have more questions, feel free to ask me personally. If you want to know more about my equipment, see this page.