speedie's Arch repository

speedie's Arch repository

Since I maintain forks of software as well as some of my own, I decided to create an Arch repository so that you can install my dotfiles and software using pacman.

What packages does this repository offer?

See the repository for a full list.

What distributions can I install this on?

The repository should be functional on most if not all Arch based distributions. I have only tested it on Arch however.

How can I add this overlay?

First of all, this is a signed repository. This means you need to add my PGP keys before you can use the repository. To do this, run the following commands:

pacman-key --recv-keys CEB863B830D1318A pacman-key --lsign-key CEB863B830D1318A

Now, edit /etc/pacman.conf with your favorite editor and add the following lines to the file:


SigLevel = Required DatabaseNever

Server = https://git.speedie.site/speedie-aur/plain/$arch

Write it, and run pacman -Sy to sync the repositories. If the sync was successful, you can now start installing my packages.

Where are the packages hosted?

The packages are all hosted on my cgit instance.

Support me

If this overlay was useful, consider donating.

XMR: 888ncoFDtpQecZvRgZf5ZCNXSmLVS3st1Yjf4k8SD4Jt4pPUpHkqzKE8UWiKFw9V5W6P946PUpmnS4YGuPkyq997LKQ3HzU