Project 081

Project 081

NOTE: It has come to my attention that the MacBookPro4,1 does not boot Project 081 successfully and when it does, it has several issues. This project will be updated again to hopefully fix this issue.

Project 081 is a modified Mac OS X 10.4.10 Tiger image that allows you to install Tiger on your officially unsupported Late 2007 and Early 2008 Apple Macs.

It comes with many drivers and tweaks to improve the experience on unsupported hardware.

Why does this need to exist?

Apple Macs released Late 2007 or later officially only support Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard because Apple doesn't care about backwards compatibility. This doesn't matter for most people because Leopard is a fancy new release that brought many features.

But Leopard also dropped 'Classic' support. Classic allowed you to run classic Mac OS 9 applications on Mac OS X. Many users had these fancy new Macs but couldn't run their old Mac OS 9 applications. And Apple refused to allow users to officially install Tiger.

Project 081 aims to solve this by providing a modified Mac OS X image which has customized drivers and settings that work better with the newer hardware of Late 2007/Early 2008 Apple Macs.

This works similar to a Hackintosh. Difference is this doesn't require and use a custom bootloader such as OpenCore, Clover, Chameleon or one of many other bootloaders out there. Project 081 is similar to GNU/Linux distributions in that they're a bundle of software, settings, configurations and drivers.

How does this add better hardware support?

Essentially, the installer has been modified to run a custom 'Project 081' package or .pkg. This package contains modified system files which replace the originals. You can learn more through the Project 081 Wiki. You can also view the customized packages since I tried my best to support freedom.

Download Project 081

You can download Project 081 for free. (as in price)

If you need to, you can follow the official Project 081 installation guide. Download Project 081

Keep in mind, Project 081 is based on Apple's proprietary drivers and code. My additional code is fully free software but may be based on non-free software.

Where do I go?

Thank you

Project 081 was made possible by:

Thanks everyone on this list and other people who have helped me out for making this project possible.

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You can donate Monero crypto to me if you want. Monero is an anonymous cryptocurrency.