speedie's Gentoo overlay

speedie's Gentoo overlay

Since I maintain forks of software as well as some of my own, I decided to create a Gentoo overlay so that you can install my dotfiles and software using portage.

As of now, this requires layman. This can be installed using portage as well.

What is an overlay?

An overlay is pretty much a third party Gentoo repository with other ebuilds not normally found in the regular Gentoo repositories. Often it's the only way to install software other than compiling from source yourself.

What packages does this overlay offer?

See 'Ebuild list' further down this page.

What distributions can I install this on?

Gentoo is the only distro I've tested this on. It might work on other Gentoo based distributions that use the portage package manager but it will NOT work on Arch, Debian or other distros that are not Gentoo based.

How can I add this overlay?

Using either eselect-repository or layman. Layman is no longer maintained so I do not recommend you use it.

For layman: layman -o https://speedie.site/overlay.xml -f -a speedie-overlay

For eselect-repository: eselect repository --add speedie-overlay git https://git.speedie.site/speedie-overlay

To sync with layman: layman -s speedie-overlay

To sync with eselect-repository: emaint -r speedie-overlay sync

Ebuild list

See the repository for a full list.

Where are the ebuilds hosted?

The ebuilds are all hosted on my cgit instance.

Support me

If this overlay was useful, consider donating.

XMR: 888ncoFDtpQecZvRgZf5ZCNXSmLVS3st1Yjf4k8SD4Jt4pPUpHkqzKE8UWiKFw9V5W6P946PUpmnS4YGuPkyq997LKQ3HzU