Here's a list of most software projects I've worked on/currently work on or people still use.

Note that it is not a full list, for a full list see my Forgejo instance and my GitHub.


spmenu is a simple X11 and Wayland menu application which takes standard input, parses it, lets the user choose an option and sends the selected option to standard output. It also serves as a run launcher and desktop launcher through the included shell script spmenu_run, which handles both $PATH listing, .desktop entries, and file listing.

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swiki is the wiki software powering the spmenu wiki. it is a simple read-only wiki written in PHP. Pages/articles are written in Markdown and should be created or edited locally and submitted/managed using Git.

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fontctrl is a minimal, symlink based font manager for GNU/Linux. It handles installation, removal, and management of fonts, keeping your custom fonts easy to install, remove and manage.

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A minimal start page for web browsers without JavaScript. It has support for overriding the CSS with Pywal colors and uses your desktop background as background for the page.

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Discontinued/archived projects


Elevendebloater is a minimal, hackable free software Windows 10 and 11 debloater. It removes most bloatware Microsoft added to the new Windows 11 operating system through winget.

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Project 081

Project 081 is a discontinued modification of Apple's Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger operating system adding better hardware support for the unofficially supported but mostly functional Late 2007 and Early 2008 Apple Macs.

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iron is a minimal, customizable, hackable rautafarmi textboard client for GNU/Linux written in Bash. iron is the successor to rchat, and is the first client to support the new, faster, JSON rautafarmi API.

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rchat is a discontinued, minimal, customizable, hackable rautafarmi textboard client for GNU/Linux written in Bash. Unlike iron, rchat only supports the old messages.txt method.

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