You don't need to justify your decisions


I often hear people following my blog or just know me for one reason or another, and usually it goes something like this:

Hello speedie I enjoy reading your blog.


I’m using X nonfree software or Y desktop environment, sorry about that.

This is the problem. I see far too many people apologize for their choices in technology, but I want to make one thing clear. I am not here to judge your technology choices. If you want to read my blog on Windows and/or Mac, use nonfree programs, hate my software or ideas, or do something else I’m not personally a fan of then you are 100% free to do so. You don’t need to justify your use of software or hardware, that is a personal decision you are making. I am not going to make that for you, and while I may not agree with your decision, it is not mine to make.

I may suggest replacements for the software you’re using if I believe it’ s something you would benefit from (such as learning Vim or getting into tiling window managers), but I’m never going to force you to use/do something, or shame you for using the nonfree software or software I simply don’t like. I am also never going to force you to believe the same thing as me, that’s idiotic, and the definition of an echo chamber, something I’m very against. I don’t want 15 speedie clones, you should have your own ideas, and I should have my own ideas. If we agree then we do, if we don’t, then we don’t. I make decisions you may find stupid, you make decisions I may find stupid, and if we don’t debate each other’s ideas, we lose the ability to think for ourselves.

That’s not to say it’s harmful to criticize the choices others make, but you need to be willing to see both sides of the coin, and like it or not you need to accept the choice the other person is making, whether you approve of it or not. That’s just a short blog post for today, as I see this far too often, and I think it’s important to say this. I’m probably going to talk about Wayland development, Wayland libraries, Wayland protocols and Wayland implementations next time now that I’ve truly given Wayland development a fighting chance to win me over. That’s it for me, have a good day!