Yet another update post


Wow, look at that. Even more junk to fill my catalog and make it look like I've done more writing than I actually have. Oh well. I'll get straight to the point. At approximately 02:32 I quickly made the decision to move from cgit to Gitea for hosting my Git repositories and projects. For this reason, links to the old Git repositories need to be changed. This mainly applies to those of you that are using speedie-aur, or speedie-overlay. I'm assuming that's quite few of you, but just in case I'm putting this out there.

If you're using speedie-aur, you'll need to edit /etc/pacman.conf and change the Server to Server =$arch. If you're using speedie-overlay you'll want to remove the overlay and add it again. See the repository for more information. The Arch wiki article has been updated to reflect these changes as well, and so has the overlay.xml.

I have also moved over a lot of GitHub repositories to my Gitea instance, such as my Gentoo kernel for my ThinkPad and desktop, multiple OpenCore configurations, and more, but all Codeberg and GitHub repositories are still accessible. It should be noted though, that I plan on moving all website development to the Gitea instance rather than Codeberg.

What you may be screaming right now is WHY? I'll tell you why. Cgit is an excellent Git viewer, but that's all it is. A git viewer. It doesn't handle your repositories, no issue tracking, no pull requests, no users, nothing. This is fine when you're the only one working on a project, as you're going to do most work locally on your computer anyway, and then push using Git from the command line. The problem is when you want to have any kind of collaboration, which is something I realized today (and yesterday). As some of my projects are becoming increasingly complex, I need a way for people to submit bug reports and fix issues. Emailing isn't convenient for the user, and it isn't convenient for me either. Now that I'm using Gitea, any user may create an account and simply create an issue or pull request. There's not any more to it, just simple. If you're familiar with GitHub or even one of the public Gitea instances like Codeberg, this is likely nothing new to you.

Now, while I'm writing this blog post I also want to talk about some future changes. I want to slowly move from w2wiki to simply a static website that people can edit through issues and pull requests. In my opinion this is a lot better, not only for security but convenience and flexibility. W2wiki is pretty good, but it is definitely not designed with security in mind, and it isn't hard for anyone to simply remove the entire thing with minimal effort, as we saw with the old wiki a while ago.

While it is a static site for the most part, I may still be using PHP if necessary, especially for maintainence. No JavaScript however, although it should be noted that the Gitea instance does use JavaScript. There is just no way around it as far as I know, so it will have to do. All the JavaScript is free as in freedom, which is the important part. I have no plans to put JavaScript anywhere else on my site though, as long as it's feasible. Anyways that's just a small site update. Have been busy with my spmenu Wayland port and other things like that, but now that it's complete I plan on posting more blog posts, as I have a lot of things I want to cover eventually. That's it for me, have a good day!