Ungoogled Chromium - The best browser for most people


Today I want to talk about my favorite web browser which I have been using for several months now and that is Chromium, specifically Ungoogled Chromium. Ungoogled Chromium is the best browser because it's fast, it respects your privacy, but also doesn't provide any extra bloat or anything, it's just a fast, privacy respecting web browser that does everything you need and nothing more. In a lot of ways it's the best web browser for minimalists, but also for normies because it requires no learning coming from Chrome or whatever.

If you are on Arch, you can get it from the AUR, and I also have a package available in my arch repository, so if you're using speedie-aur you can just pacman -S ungoogled-chromium. When you start it for the first time, if you're coming from regular Chromium or maybe the horrible spyware that is Google Chrome, you're going to notice that it looks a bit more minimal. That's because most of the Google junk has been removed, so what you have is what you actually need out of a web browser. By default, no search engine is active/enabled though, but if you want one you can go to the settings like in regular Chromium and simply add one.

The second thing you're likely going to notice pretty quickly about Ungoogled Chromium is by default it actually doesn't save cookies, so after you close your web browser you have to log in again. Now, I consider this a feature rather than a bug for security reasons, and while this isn't a security oriented web browser, most of its users are privacy enthusiasts, so I consider this a nice default. If you don't like this though, you can just change it in the settings. If you're setting up this browser for a normie, you may want to enable saving cookies, because in the society we live in normies would be very confused when their web browser doesn't keep them logged in.

Ungoogled Chromium is not hardened by default though. For good security I would install JShelter, uBlock Origin, LocalCDN, and a few other privacy oriented extensions. I would probably also install Vimium, which allows you to follow links using f and use general Vim-like keys to navigate the web, and of course a dark theme of some kind.

The reason I find this browser is better than others is because it's based on the Chromium web engine making it extremely fast, but it also respects your privacy by removing all the Google junk. Chromium is a good browser outside of all that Google spyware, because Google knows what a good browser is. A good browser is fast, minimal and allows you to view websites and nothing more. Google has known this since the beginning, and that's why this is such a good web browser. Other web browsers often fail at this.

I should note that due to all the Google junk being removed, you can't actually install extensions through the Chrome Web Store. However there's an extension you can install manually, which will allow extensions to be installed from the web store anyway, but you should RTFM for that. The extension is available here, and was designed with ungoogled-chromium in mind. While you don't need it, it makes the process of "manually" installing extensions a whole lot easier. It even does updating for you, although it requires some user input.

As if this web browser wasn't already excellent, The --app argument makes it even more useful. In fact it makes all Electron applications basically obsolete. If you do.. for example chromium --app="https://speedie.site" you'll pretty much have an app for my website as the name implies just like Electron would do, except it's using your existing web browser. This makes it slightly more appealing. It even changes the icon to the favicon for the site. I'm using this feature for Element (the Matrix client I use) and Discord. I combine this with my run launcher to have super awesome web apps.

Overall, I highly recommend this browser. While it's not the most secure (you'd probably want GNU IceCat or LibreWolf for that), it's super fast, it's free as in freedom and it's minimal and clean. It provides sane defaults such as not storing cookies by default. It's a good web browser for both normies and people who know how to use technology, because I think both groups of people find its features appealing. If not, I guess the normie can continue using Chromium and you can use Ungoogled Chromium and get privacy from it. Thank you for reading, I highly recommend Ungoogled Chromium, and have a good day!