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Posts 60-69

You don't need to justify your decisions., written 2023-06-08

Posts 50-59

Yet another update post., written 2023-06-03
Swedish man rants about licenses again, written 2023-05-23
Ungoogled Chromium: The best browser for most people, written 2023-05-01
Why I don't use Wayland (and how it can be improved), written 2023-04-28
Dear bloggers: Your RSS feeds suck., written 2023-04-19
News/important update regarding the site, written 2023-04-14
I switched back to Microsoft Windows.. here's why!, written 2023-04-01
Friendship ended with Gentoo, now Arch is my best friend!, written 2023-03-26
Important site update (and the Matrix), written 2023-03-15
Normies are destroying GNU/Linux, written 2023-03-09

Posts 40-49

spDE - Now also on Arch based distros, written 2023-02-27
Software update, written 2023-02-25
Ethical software is not ethical and should be abolished., written 2023-02-07
libvirt is the worst program ever made.., written 2023-02-06
speedwm 1.9 release, written 2023-02-05
..and a git repository (CGIT REVIEW!!!), written 2023-01-28 now has a wiki!, written 2023-01-26
When will I use BSD?, written 2023-01-17
Why YouTube©️™️ doesn't recommend your videos., written 2023-01-15
Let's talk about Project 081 0.6, written 2023-01-03

Posts 37-39

Goodbye 2022.., written 2022-12-31
I WILL make music great again. (My next project), written 2022-12-20
How I got into GNU/Linux, written 2022-12-13

Archived blog articles/posts

NOTE: Some of these have been archived due to lack of quality, others have been archived to keep the number of current posts low.

Posts 30-36

I use Chromium based browsers again. (How to lose your followers in less than 5 minutes), written 2022-11-30
speedwm 1.5: It's still speedwm., written 2022-11-28
We're back up better than ever! (feat. OpenBaSeD), written 2022-11-25
Forwarder Factory is over. (Please read the blog articles/post), written 2022-10-26
Please give me suggestions..., written 2022-10-10
I HATE NONFREE SOFTWARE (install gnu icecat), written 2022-09-23

Posts 20-29

RIP in peace rchat (and releasing its replacement), written 2022-09-21
SHILL POSTS ARE BACK! fontctrl (Fonts on GNU/Linux-Improved), written 2022-09-17
Vim: You're wasting your life away if you don't use it., written 2022-09-04
I left GitHub and you should too!, written 2022-08-23
What happened to spDE? (And announcement), written 2022-07-23
Why I ban software., written 2022-07-20
PipeWire Review (RSS REVIEWS!!!), written 2022-07-04
rchat 1.3 is out! (I AM GREAT AT PUSHING UPDATES!), written 2022-06-29

Posts 10-19

dwm: dynamic window greatness!, written 2022-06-18
I HATE ATI!!!, written 2022-06-18
Website update, written 2022-06-10
Return of the rchat (rchat 1.0 is out), written 2022-06-07
Are GNU/Linux users elitist or are normies too stupid to learn?, written 2022-06-06
Why I switched license from MIT to GPLv3, written 2022-06-05
Open source: Fake freedom., written 2022-06-05
I HATE APPLE!!!, written 2022-05-23
Why I don't support RiiConnect24., written 2022-05-20
Smartphones are only smart because you're dumb., written 2022-05-04
xinit is bloated, written 2022-04-30

Post 1-9

Everything I want to use is Chromium, written 2022-04-26
Half an rchat (rchat 0.5 is out), written 2022-04-26
rchat 0.4 is here (Now available on Arch and Gentoo), written 2022-04-24
It's time to stop using Adblock Plus (seriously stop), written 2022-03-12
Happy 20th Birthday Arch!, written 2022-03-11
What you can expect from Project 081 0.6, written 2022-03-10
Dear soydevs: Stop making desktop applications bloated, written 2022-03-10
Notice for spDE users, written 2022-03-09
Stop making GNU/Linux user friendly.. sort of, written 2022-03-09