Let's talk about Project 081 0.6

Let's talk about Project 081 0.6


So.. because I keep getting questions about Project 081, even though I don't really work on it much anymore, I thought I'd make this blog post as an update on it as well as why it's taking so damn long. Also if this blog post comes across as negative, I'm sorry, it's 5 AM and I'm tired. Suck it up.

I will be honest here, I hate working on Project 081, and this is not because I think the project is bad, or even because its ABSOLUTELY PROPRIETARY (hopefully one day we get the source code for Tiger). It's because it's a massive pain to test it or even to create a basic image. As I mentioned in the issue on the GitHub repository, testing the project has been a challenge for multiple reasons. Here are just a few:

That's not to say Project 081 0.6 is cancelled. I did say work on Project 081 ended on my page a while ago but that notice was removed after I realized that fixing this problem was fairly trivial. People have been asking me about the state of Project 081 though so clearly there is some demand for a new version.

For now, there's an open progress tracker for Project 081 0.6 which spawned out of this issue regarding blue screen. The goal is to eventually fix this issue and get a proper version out but before that can happen, I need to get a script or something working so that this massive waste of time can be automated. That would only leave testing, which takes a bit part of the pain away.

Well then, to end this blog post off, I would like to mention how I'm very surprised that Project 081 is still (somewhat) in demand. Especially since it has not been actively worked on for over 2 years now. Yeah, insane I know. Time flies when you're.. ..not having fun.

If you have any more issues on any hardware, consider making an issue on the p081/Project081 repository as I do not want to have to make yet another release after this if I can avoid it. Thank you for reading this and have a good day!