I may be three days late to this but I have an announcement to make. I AM TOO AWESOME FOR SMARTPHONES! You heard me right, I have decided to abandon my smartphone. But how, HOW are you going to live without a portable tracking device with plenty of spyware to keep you too busy and consooming to care?

Well, simple. I simply don't consoom content when I am not home! In my opinion, it is not terribly difficult to make use of your time and at the same time not use a phone. Nowadays there seems to be this idea that when you're bored for just 5 seconds, you're supposed to pull out your phone and waste your valuable time away watching others waste their life away on social media, then go home, depressed, in a loop that repeats until the end of your life.

It is pretty clear to anyone who follows my blog that smartphones have permanently damaged society. It can partially be blamed on the fact that smartphones are so small, anyone can just bring them up quickly without any effort. However I would put most of the blame on the addictive social media that big tech companies (the same companies that produce the phones we buy) make us use.

Most if not all social media is designed to keep you using it for as long as possible, while tricking you into thinking your life is great and absolutely nothing is wrong with it. This is because it is an easy way to gain control over the user and his habits. This allows social media to take over anyone's life.. However that anyone is not going to be me.

In the last few months, I've been spending time deleting accounts and recently I deleted my Twitter account. I decided to do this because I absolutely hate Twitter and don't want a presence there. However instead of having a simple 'Delete account' button like social media from yesteryear had, if you want to delete your Twitter account you have to first deactivate it and then wait a month for it to become 'fully' deleted. (Really just hidden from the public website, the account likely still exists). If this isn't a great example of how social media is really social destroyer, I don't know what is.

Compare your one friend who uses all the spyware social media to someone who never or rarely uses the internet. Which one is more interesting to talk to. Who is going to pull up their phone and check their Snapchat notifications every 30 seconds? People who use social media constantly are just boring people, who absolutely suck, and have nothing interesting going on in their life to talk about, so they have to rely on social media to fill the void.

Thing is, No longer using smartphones really will not change my life in any way and the reason is, I was never wasting my life away on social media on my phone in the first place. I just.. never fell into the trap like so many other people have. However, I am doing this to send a strong message to everyone I talk to. I want to let everyone know that you DO NOT need a smartphone to live. By not bringing and using my phone everywhere, I'm bringing attention to the fact that I don't use a phone.

Not only does this give out a good message to everyone, but it also gives others a reason to talk to me. Nowadays it is uncommon to see people not bring their phone. In fact it is so uncommon YOU are the minority if you do not have a phone. Society EXPECTS you to have a phone. If you don't have a phone, everyone will look at you, shocked, like you're an alien from another planet.

So to end off this blog post, I would like to mention that if you find that you need your smartphone to live a life, consider doing what I am doing and will continue to do. Throw your phone in the old junk drawer filled with crap you've got in the basement, run outside, and enjoy the beautiful air and trees you've got out there. Talk to people, have a conversation, and find things to do.

Wasting your life away on social media and using smartphones is not normal. Just because society makes it seem that way does not mean it actually is. You do not have to take my word for it, you will notice the difference within a day. You will be a much more interesting person to talk to, others will be more likely to talk to you, because you stick out and most importantly, you've escaped the big tech for loop.

Do good things with your life. You only live once so use the time you have wisely. This blog post is now done. Thank you for reading! Throw your phone in the trash like me and get a life!