Website update

Website update


Since yesterday I've been working on a little website overhaul (mostly fixing errors and improving index.html) so this is just a quick blog post telling you about it.

Normally I wouldn't make a blog post about small changes like this because... I mean it's a website, it's supposed to be updated and changed frequently.

I've made some changes to the layout however and removed a few buttons. For example, my forks and dotfiles can now be found here instead. This was done to keep the front page clean and to the point. I also removed some project links but they're still up, just in the Projects page instead.

I added some fancy 90s style buttons as well to the footer of the front page because I thought they were cool. Let me know what you think about them and feel free to suggest more (License must be free to use). I also renamed a few blog posts but they're all still up. I plan on archiving a few blog posts but they won't be deleted.

That's it for the website update. Thank you for reading and have a good day! Hopefully next blog post will be a little more useful! 😃