Smartphones are only smart because you're dumb.

Smartphones are only smart because you're dumb.


As a smartphone user;

Smartphones are evil. They're slowly turning us into braindead robots who only know how to consume but slowly lose the ability to think and to make decisions. They slowly require their smartphones to make decisions because their brains are becoming more and more useless.

Now, the problem people who understand how technology is bad for them is facing is normies. Normies don't understand how the technology they use affects them and they don't have any clue how it works. All they know is that it gives them a constant dopamine fix.

"Smart"phones are good for one thing; giving smartphone companies and government agencies all your data and slowly bluepilling everyone who uses them. They're forcing expensive pocket-sized pieces of glass and spyware onto people which are all running only proprietary software which likely will spy on you as is the case with nearly all non-free software.

"Smart"phones are slowly taking control over YOU and are now starting to "think" for you. This is a problem because it means you're slowly becoming useless, slowly becoming braindead. You are slowly becoming property of the big tech companies who made your device. The software is all proprietary (non-free) which means you have absolutely no idea what's going on.

You just have to trust tech companies and most people unfortunately do it without actually thinking for themselves. They think big tech companies are out here being nice trying to make the world a futuristic dream or something.

Now, for many Android devices and certainly Apple's hardware, you can't just replace the proprietary OS and proprietary bootloader with free software. Because they're not gonna allow that. You may be able to run a more free OS but you'll still have non-free software running on the glass and spyware you possibly paid thousands for.

So you pay them thousands for a phone which can do almost nothing compared to your computer, then they still spy on you and slowly devolve into a braindead robot.

Smartphones must be stopped before humanity is ruined.