Happy 20th Birthday Arch Linux

Happy 20th Birthday Arch Linux!


So today, 2022-03-11 depending on your time zone marks 20 years since Arch Linux was released to the public. I would like to show some respect by creating this very post. Arch Linux is still one of the best Linux distributions and I use it on a few machines.

Even though I personally use Gentoo, Arch Linux was what got me into minimal Linux distributions and bloat-free software so I believe we should give it the respect it deserves.

So thank you Arch Linux for being "different" and being minimal. Although I don't agree with some of your decisions such as switching from OpenRC to Systemd, you're one of the most popular distros and managed to get many people away from the bloated Linux distributions to something minimal and DIY. You even basically created Linux elitism by making an OS that's difficult to install.

Happy 20th Birthday Arch Linux and thank you for reading this.