What you can expect from Project 081 0.6

What you can expect from Project 081 0.6


This is an update for Project 081 users (if there still are any). As this project has slowly died I would like to finally finish it as I have been working on other stuff like gentoo-install, spDE, my RSS feed, sfetch and various other projects.

After I spent more time with GNU/Linux and stuff my older Mac OS X project kinda.. died. So therefore my goal is to finish Project 081 soon so that it's as good as it can possibly be. All the assets are (hopefully) complete however it has yet to be "compiled" together into an image for the user.

So while you wait, here's a list of a bunch of changes i've made to Project 081 as well as a few I'm going to do.

That's basically what you can expect, if you have any more suggestions please create an Issue on GitHub.

That's all, Have a good day!